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PURE Youth, a leadership program, specifically aims to facilitate discussion and awareness of the impact that education has on society through numerous projects and fundraising. PURE Youth also supports projects from all program areas and causes PURE champions which gives the ambassadors an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the issue, solution and impact on the lives they are helping change.

The youth team was unofficially started in the 2016 with just 2 children.

In 2017, Deepa Kamalakara, COO of PURE, gathered a group of kids and explained to them about a non-profit organization and asked if they would be willing to volunteer and be a part of a youth team, a chapter where they lived, in Dublin, Ohio.

At first, the kids volunteered to do small tasks like books for Bharat, a project where youth ambassadors went door to door asking for extra books that could be donated to libraries for schools in India, and setting up a sanitary napkin drive for PURE feminine hygiene program.

Eventually, the group grew and began raising money at events, one of the first being a women’s cricket tournament in 2018. The group has continued to grow and currently has 17 youth ambassadors. we hope to grow as a team, and help children both locally and internationally.

Led By Children, For Children


PURE is an organization that I support passionately and I enjoy being in the position to help others thrive. The philosophy of this organization is fundamental to knowing how we support the community and the world around us. I made many relationships and memories as I supported PURE, and I look forward to making many more as the years go on. I believe this organization is making big steps to help the world become a better place. Giving children opportunities that can change their life for the future changes you. Being an ambassador in this organization makes me believe that I’m changing the world with my own hands alongside others. PURE Youth is a source of happiness. ~Tanvi Bavisetty

PURE is an organization that helps children in many areas around the world to gain a proper education. When I volunteer for PURE, I feel proud to be one of the people helping provide children a good education. I just think of how I am helping make these children’s lives better for them. I chose to be a part of PURE because I wanted a chance to help these children in need. Anytime we volunteer an event, I like how we are helping children in areas across the world and the big impact it is making for them and their lives. PURE is a memorable experience that I wish to continue for many years to come. ~Tanvi Chalumalla

Being a PURE Youth ambassador has been an amazing experience forme. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with many different people and gain new experiences. My time as a PURE ambassador has also allowed me to improve my leadership skills and learn more about the world, not only helping me become a well-rounded individual today but also preparing me for the future. The best part about being a PURE ambassador, though, is having the chance to be a part of something bigger than myself and make a real difference in the world. For me, education has always been an important factor in my life, and to be able to help children around the world attain education by removing hurdles is extremely fulfilling. The direct impact we cause through our fundraisers makes me extremely grateful and happy to be a part of PURE and its mission to empower children through education. ~Yashas Appaji

I like PURE because they help underprivileged, orphans and street kids all over the world. PURE helps provide an education to these children. It is such a good cause and I loved the idea of helping children. I got into the youth chapter of Ohio and volunteered my time and effort to helping the children. My favorite part about PURE is that we go to places all over Central Ohio and set up fundraisers at events in those areas. I love selling food and helping out with the fundraisers because it is a fun learning experience and I am also helping children in need ~Vibhaas Appaji

PURE has provided me with the unbelievable experience of influencing the lives of young children. In the summer of 2019, I was lucky enough to visit a PURE school in India and see the true impact PURE had made on the education of underprivileged children. When I visited, the most noticeable thing was the brightest smiles on the young girls. They seemed incredibly appreciative of what PURE had done for their academics. Seeing the impact of the hard work from the youth chapters has truly helped the children achieve an improved education. After this experience, I became thankful for PURE for giving me the opportunity to change the lives of others. ~Sanjana

Being part of the PURE team has helped me so much these past few years. The other day I had an interview for another volunteering program and they asked me about a time when I got to help other people and better my life in the process. My first thought was PURE. I told them about how I got to improve lives both directly and indirectly by sending supplies to people in need in places like India, were I go every summer and am forced to witness how people in need are constantly ignored. And directly by donating books to school children here in Columbus. PURE has taught me that poverty is everywhere, we must acknowledge it and make a change, because it will impact the lives our community members positively and hopefully encourage others to volunteer on the way. ~Hainvi Gullapali

Being a part of the PURE Youth team is always very fun and puts a smile on all of our faces. I love the teamwork, communication and dedication of all of the team members. Most importantly it makes me very happy to be able to give back to the community and to others that are less fortunate. ~Hrushi